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  • Fortify Your Future

    How many times have you received a paycheck only to feel frustrated because you could have sworn you had more clients and more sales this last pay period yet didn't receive more pay? HairPro Tracker is the first app ever designed to help combat this issue and put the power of information back into the hands of stylists.

  • Take Control

    HairPro Tracker shows you how you can make more money, what services are more profitable; who you earn the most money from and much, much more. Giving stylists this power of information is what we like to call a HaiRevolution.

  • Customize

    To make your services just as distinct as you, HairPro Tracker comes with a built in complete service menu with the ability to add on those trendy fashion forward services you've spent long hours learning and perfecting.

  • Forge Ahead

    HairPro Tracker comes with numerous reports that are sure to enlighten you and assist in you in answering important questions about your business. For instance, What are my most profitable services? How much am I averaging per hour? Am I meeting my goals? Who are my top clients and what services do they normally get? and many more. You can also email these reports to yourself as well!

  • Make More Money

    Would you take 5 seconds at the end of each appointment if you knew that 5 seconds could make you 5 more dollars? By quickly entering the services you performed and the products you sold after each client, you will have access to information that will affect how much more money you can make per appointment, day, week, month or year.

  • Set Goals

    HairPro Tracker comes with optional upgrades for tracking your own set of goals and saving client data and notes. This option will be sure to help you meet those goals by showing you where you are in relation to your goals at any time, including contest goals for prizes or goals to help you reach a raise in your commission.

  • Commission

    HairPro Tracker allows you to quickly and easily enter all the details that make up your commission structure. From sliding scales to percentage scales to product rates, HairPro Tracker has you covered and makes tracking your commission easier than ever.

  • Track Clients

    Know which clients earn you the most money, what services your most profitable clients get, and much much more. You can also keep notes about your clients such as hair color formulas and hair cut frequency. This upgrade option will allow you to capture and track a lucrative portion of your business when you're ready.